If you’re a Bnei Akiva chanich or madrich looking to register for the National Shabbaton and LIMMUD NZ conference then you can sign up at

Limmud is an uplifting, inspiring and empowering year in Israel with Bnei Akiva.

On Limmud you’ll spend significant time at Yeshiva or Midrasha, as well as the legendary Bnei Akiva experiences of Israel, including kibbutz, community volunteering, Marva and Magen David Adom. A key element of Limmud is Machon, which includes seminars, Shabbatot and trips that feature guidance and leadership, Zionism and Jewish Identity, religion and state, Torah va’Avodah, and more.

Limmud will also enable you to grow Jewishly. You will come back with a clearer understanding of what it means to be Jewish for you, and the skills, drive and passion to develop your own Jewish identity.

You’ll be provided with direction to your life. Limmud is a life-influencing process that does not stop after a year!

You get get more information on our Israel Programmes or download the information pack for Limmud.

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