Winter 2017 Gimmick Hunt!!

Welcome to the Winter Camp 2017 Online Gimmick Hunt!!

How to play:

  1. Solve the clue on each page and then type in{The clue answer}. For example if the answer to the clue was ‘camp’, then you would go to to get the next clue.
  2. If the answer is more than one word, then leave no spaces. For example if the answer is ‘bnei rocks’ then go to
  3. Solve all 13 clues to find the camp gimmick!!
  4. Use Facebook and Google to help you find the answers!!
  5. The first person to find the camp gimmick and send Bnei Akiva New Zealand a Facebook message with the name will win a special prize on camp!
  6. Get Solving!

Clue #1:

Jesus Christ, Albert Einstein and Aviad Cohen are all _____?

Once you have the answer go to{The answer to clue #1}